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new single

Dedicated to jenny Durkan, our beloved mayor of seattle❤️ 



In the shadows of the stars and stripes...

Late capitalism run amok. Political leaders beholden to the rich. A country divided by hatred and oppression. The man behind the curtain smirks and adjusts his tie.

This is gangster rap for the American dystopia...

Because, really, what's more gangster than America?

Recycled Paper



Sly deSilva is the All-American Villain. Wielding a sharp tongue and sardonic wit, Sly blends  braggadocious hip-hop aesthetics with scathing social critique, portraying a sinister and charismatic man-behind-the-curtain who pulls the strings of our late-capitalist hellscape. As a dark mirror held up to face of America, his unique narrative style tackles sociopolitical issues from the highest political office to the lowest street corner, leaving no doubt about who society’s real criminals are.


Informed by a passion for American history, an indignation toward injustice, and an deep appreciation for the hip-hop tradition, Sly deSilva carves out a lane all his own with his unique brand of bleak satire with a cinematic and boisterous flair.


Located in Seattle, WA, Sly has been hard at work since the release of Trillions in late 2017 - a collaborative mixtape with Toronto artist Jagger James. Two years of refining his style and honing his craft has culminated with the release of his first full length solo project, 

All-American Villain Vol. 1 on July 4th 2020

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